Mother's Day Edition: "Hey Mom, What's for dinner"?

Mother's Day Edition: "Hey Mom, What's for dinner"?

I don't know about you, but one thing I dread daily is figuring out what's for dinner. When did this become a chore? I remember a time when I genuinely enjoyed preparing meals for my family. I loved experimenting with new recipes and kitchen gadgets, and I would watch the Food Network on repeat, absorbing inspiration and dreaming up ways to incorporate new twists into my cooking routine.

Back then, my secret weapon was planning and preparation. Knowing what was on the menu each week and having all the groceries ready transformed cooking from a daily dilemma into a delightful experience. However, these days, it feels like someone has zapped my brain of every recipe I ever enjoyed. Lately, all I seem to do is wonder, at least once a day, "What's for dinner?"

Realizing that my lack of planning was zapping the joy from my kitchen, I decided to take action. In an attempt to regain my culinary enthusiasm, I created a recipe planner. I'm hoping this tool will reignite my passion for cooking by making meal prep feel less like a chore and more like the creative adventure it used to be.

If you're feeling the same mealtime monotony and longing to add some spice back into your kitchen routine, I'm sharing my new recipe planner with you here. Let’s tackle this challenge together and make cooking a joy again!

And if you’re someone who’s mastered the art of meal prep, we’d love to hear your tips and tricks. How do you keep your meals exciting and your menu fresh week after week? Share your secrets in the comments below!

Peace, Love & Gratitude


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